Colour our homes and wellness

So excited, at last its time to spread the word about how colourful life can be, without compromising the health of our loved ones and of course, ourselves. As a long time product developer and designer in the woven textile industry, I have become increasingly concerned about all the toxins we have surrounding us, even in the most sacred of all places, our homes.

We all try I think, as much as possible, to do the right thing  such as eating organically and not deliberately endangering our health. However, the “nasties” I am concerned with, come leeching out of our walls without our being totally unaware.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified paints to be a major contributor to VOC’s in our houses. The scary thing is, that on top of normal decorating, just think what happens when New or Expectant parents want to create a lovely and safe space for their little one? They all rush around to kit out the nursery and that 9 times out of 10 that means painting.

When this awful thought occurred to my best friend Mel, who is also a designer, and one hell of a great Mother, we simply had to do something about it. So we are in the process of setting up Colourfied, an online company to promote and supply practical, washable non toxic paint in fantastic colours to Australia. It would be great if you can choose to join us on the journey, because after all, nurturing begins at home.


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