Dolly Mixtures

When I was only little and had saved up some pocket money, one of the exciting things to do was to go to the Grocers Shop to buy some lollies, as a special treat. It really shows my age when I tell you that the “sweeties” as we called then in Scotland, were weighed out into a paper bag. I often selected the Dolly Mixtures, as they were very light weight, so you got a lot for your money. By now you will have guessed I am Scottish.

After taking the lollies home,the mixture was poured into a glass bowl and looked fabulous. There were lots of different colours, shapes and flavours, some were all one thing and others were made up of multiple layers. Some even stuck together with other pieces of their own kind or got blended with another type.

Now, I am yet to meet anybody who liked all the different flavours or colours, but the great thing was, that someone always liked and chose the ones others did not much care for. So, by the end of the bowl, none was ever left uneaten.

It made me think about families and how they are a bit like Dolly Mixtures. Not every one is the same nor to everyone’s taste. However, it is only because they all exist and can exist together, that makes the mixture work.


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