Polly Gone

A short while ago in my local newspaper, there was an exceedingly sad story. An elderly lady had been cleaning her kitchen with a product that was loaded with solvents. On hearing a strange noise she turned round and found her greatly loved parrot called Polly, had literally dropped of the perch. With a broken heart she wrote to the newspaper to try to warn others about this danger.

Most people are aware of solvent abuse and its very deadly outcomes in our most marginalised communities, they just do not expect it in their own homes. However, they unknowingly bring solvents into their homes every time they decorate with┬ápaints and tints that contain them. Even many of the “low” V.O.C. paints on offer, become full of solvents after they have been tinted. Please do not be fooled by fancy tin labels, it is what the real contents are, after the colour is added, that counts.

If you have ever had the experience of one of your loved ones struggling to breathe after being exposed to normal paint,you will agree its not something you want others to suffer or witness. That is why Colourfied only sells 100 % solvent free paint and tints.


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