Ultra and Aqua

What a month, two glimpses of humanity, one that everyone has an equal right to bind themselves in love and a small window of choice in Victoria for those whose life’s journey is run. On a more selfish note it was also, my 60th birthday.

To celebrate and I mean celebrate, my family and I went to Noosa. No depression for me, just a great overwhelming feeling that 60 is my time to shine. Arrived in the rain then in the twinkle of an eye out came the sub tropical sun.

Journeyed to Rainbow beach (very fitting don’t you think) and there it was, golden sand, crystal clear water and you guessed it every shade of Ultra and Aquamarine. The Australian summer in all its glory, simply an overload of visual wonder. As I stood at the sea edge, the breeze blew the last tried threads of 50 clean away.

Did not go swimming at the beach. This is migratory whale time on this coast and to be honest, I feared setting of the Whale Strand Surf Rescue Team. Note to self: remember to book dietitian!!!!

Instead I just soaked the colour into my soul. As an imported Aussie I can say with my hand on heart this is indeed the lucky country. Bring out all the blues, the green blues the turquoise, the deep aqua, the pool party, summer time, even storm skies, just go with the flow of summer at its very best.  Plus with Coloufied paint so safe, friendly to humans and the world, you can create the mood with a completely clear conscience.

Go on, live a little.






White light

Everyone wants a safe home, but for some among us, behind closed doors there is actually a lot of darkness. That darkness takes the form of family violence and in particular violence against women. Forget the stereotypes, this issue may well be found in areas of social deprivation but make no mistake, it is also there in the smartest suburbs around.

On an extremely personal note, my first husband used to boast and I quote, “that I abuse you everyday but because I do it with words, nobody can see what I do.” So believe me when I say, that even in the most painful of times, there is light waiting to be found and hope at the end of the tunnel. That is why for me, the fact that White Ribbon day is represented by a white ribbon, is so important.   www.whiteribbon.org.au

I love white, it is the colour of purity, healing and hope. White light contains within its beautiful spectrum all the colours of the world. Cool whites and warm whites, from polar bears to angel wings, the expression of white in decor is simply endless in its possibilities. It can form a blank canvas on which to express your individuality or create a serene space to hold your new born child.

At Colourfied, we wish everyone can find their way to let the white light in.



Horsing Around

Many readily available paints can be dangerous to animals because they contain toxic chemicals which include heavy metals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). These paints emit toxic gases, which can ‘off gas’ from the paint for many years to follow. The smell maybe gone after a few days but do not be fooled, the air pollution does not stop.

Many pets these days are indoor pets, so this is becoming a major problem in animal welfare. Unfortunately not only are they inhaling the gases in their environment, they are often ingesting the harmful toxins by chewing, licking, and eating the surfaces that are painted. If you love your fur children, please decorate with their safety and happiness in mind.

Here is an interesting fact on Melbourne Cup Day.
Horses are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of allergic respiratory disease. Poor or polluted air quality can cause, or exacerbate, respiratory disorders ranging from a condition known as ‘Heavies” or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) through to an inflammatory condition known as “Small Airway Disease.” Both conditions are allergic reactions believed to be triggered by irritants in the horse’s environment. To provide a horse with an air safe and stall safe environment it is essential to use the correct paint products.

Colourfied’s paint products are all Baby safe, furry safe, feathery safe and horse safe.

Power of persuasion.

The other day I was watching television, while ironing, as one does, and I was witness to a new advert by a large paint company. The advert consisted of a well known interior stylist personality, wearing a rather strange cocktail dress, telling everyone, unfortunate enough to be watching, to buy this particular paint brand.

It really made me think, is this the level society has dropped to ? Do we now believe so strongly in the cult of personality that just hearing the “right person” instruct us how to choose, will have us running lemming like to our nearest paint store?  What I wondered, would happen if, said expert, was offered twice as much to do the same job for Brand Y instead of Brand X? Or would their views and choice change, if given the sack as Brand X’s ambassador ?

Past use of personality Brand promotion has not always gone so well. Remember the Malboro Man, sitting on his horse, smoking those must have cigarettes. Unfortunately for the brand, he died of lung cancer. Or British Paint having Rolf Harris telling you “sure can”,  probably enough said!

At Colourfied we would rather be endorsed by real people who have actually used our products. Good reviews spread organically are not only great, but fill us with pride. Maybe it will take longer to get the message out there but at least it is honest.