Preparing the way

2018 here we come. New Year is a time to let go of the past and to plan for the future. For some of us that will involve planning for, or preparing to become parents. It is really important to understand that what we do before the moment of conception can be an invaluable foundation for helping that miracle to occur. There are all the obvious lifestyle changes such as no smoking, restricting the use of alcohol and other recreational substances, losing weight, a healthy varied diet, exercise and reducing stress. However how much do we consider the possible ill effects of the environment we expose ourselves to?

The stats are in, between 1973 – 2011 the male sperm count has dropped by 52% in Western countries. Although there are a multitude of factors at play here, one that keeps  rearing its head, is that of environmental pollution and exposure to harmful toxins. The list goes on and on including, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, methylene chloride, xylene, organic esters (plasticisers) and solvents. What, you may ask, do all these substances have in common? They are all widely used and present in most commonly available household paints. Even in many of the ones that claim to be low VOC.

Now, Napoleon did not expect to be poisoned by his choice of wall paper/paint but he was, because it was full of arsenic. Nor do we expect to be “poisoned” by our choice of decorating materials but we are. These substances leeching and gassing out of paint products in our homes have been shown to cause endocrine disruption. In layman’s terms they mess up our hormones in both sexes. Not great for anyone, let alone those trying for a family. Plus just consider, the long term damage being done to our health.

So what to do? Get out the paint brushes and provocatively cover up/seal in all the horrors with safe non toxic, 100 % solvent free paint, guaranteed to not contain harmful substances. Not only will it beautify your home, it will make it good to live in. Here at Colourfied that is why we only supply paint products tested to the highest European standards. This makes the task of home “environmental health repairs” easy affordable work.

So, after a hard day at the office and your partner meets you at the door with a chart, thermometer and ice cubes, your new fresh, safe, colourful interior, maybe just what you need to help set the mood.



Contemplating Christmas

So here it is, Christmas again, how time flies. Got me thinking about the real meaning of Christmas in this crazy, commercialised, multi cultural, politically confused, modern world. One thing is certain, it is not about an obese individual in a red suit swilling Coca-Cola while hoho-ing at children. The sole purpose of which is to get parents to spend more money on sugary drinks to bring joy !!! to their little ones.

Growing up in the very north of Scotland, Christmas was understandably very traditional, snow, pine trees and freezing ones butt off for the most part. We actually had a real chimney for Santa to come down, weight allowing of course. Truth be told, I was never that fussed about Santa. What I dreamed of more than anything was to hear Reindeer hooves on my roof, but as children do, I always fell asleep before the magic could happen.

Now back to the Christmas story, it is in a nutshell about a young couple forced to travel under political duress, to a strange city, when just about to deliver their first child. Not an ideal scenario to say the least. Taken in as refugees, given only a stable to protect them, their baby makes his entrance into the world. So the Christmas story is about birth, hope and renewal for mankind, despite what the world throws in the way of conflict or difficulties.

As any parent who has witnessed the miracle of birth will tell you, there is simply nothing to compare to the raw and staggering emotion of looking into the eyes of a new born baby. As one looks into those eyes, you sink down and are lost forever in a never ending well of innocence. All we have to do as humans is, to tap into that well and let the love flow out. We all enter the world the same and will leave the world the same, it’s what we do in between that counts.

Lets take care of the world, the helpless, and our loved ones and make Christmas truly a time of joy, beauty and happiness for all.