Growing up

It dawned on Melissa and I the other day that our precious first customers are growing up. The realisation was that we need to grow with them. Our ambition from the start of Colourfied, was to provide safe, beautiful paint for all stages and ages.

So we are proud to introduce “Create” our new range for the ‘not so little anymore’ little people.

We have spend lots of time researching the colours that are just right to simulate and advance this stage of growth development and awareness.

But as Mum’s, we know that this stage can also be demanding both on emotions and the built environment. That is why Create is engineered not only to excite but to perform.

We hope you love our new range as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Love to all our existing Colourfied customers and all our customers to be.

See the new range on the website or see our inspiration on our Pinterest pages.

Melissa and Jacquie.


Paint it black

Alright, it is Halloween again. You may not know, but this was the original Scottish New Year. It marked the end of summer and the start of winter. On that night, all the souls of those departed could roam the earth to seek connection or revenge with the living. Not such a warm fuzzy thought.

That is were the disguises come in to play. Some believed, if you dressed up as something else, you could avoid being found by the souls out looking for you.  The less generous theory was, that the custom came, from people dressing up to scare their neighbours. These terrified victims would gladly pay some money, or give goods to make the demons go away.  Worth remembering, when the local kids come knocking, that it is actually an age old protection racket. Not so much “Trick or Treat” but more “if you know what is best for you!”

We are not superstitious like that now, I hear you say. Then explain why it is, that all the black cats get left behind at the rescue shelters? It is a well excepted fact, that it is very hard to re-home them. I have a black rescue cat called Sabi and so far no terrible doom has befallen my family. He is also very handy if one gets the urge to whip up a few spells or curses.

As for huge orange pumpkins, what a joke, I can assure you there are no pumpkins in Scotland. Honestly, Americans can make anything Hollywood. What was so wrong with  a skull with a burning candle in it, to ward of evil? So for me, Halloween is not an orange but very much a black affair. Black does not have to be Gothic or dull, it can be elegant, dramatic, enclosing, womb like, lustrous and wonderful. Combined with other strong colours, it is a very smart look, even for little people.

Into the wild wild web

It finally happened, after many hours and a learning curve like the side of Mount Everest our website went live yesterday. Mel and I had to crack open the Champagne, the joy was so overwhelming. Really hope you can have a look at our website and we would love as much feed back as you can give. The more we hear the more we can refine the experience for our visitors.

This blog post is dedicated to all those who love us and those who have loved us in our lives. It is that care and support that created the foundation where we could build our dream. Thank you.

Colour our homes and wellness

So excited, at last its time to spread the word about how colourful life can be, without compromising the health of our loved ones and of course, ourselves. As a long time product developer and designer in the woven textile industry, I have become increasingly concerned about all the toxins we have surrounding us, even in the most sacred of all places, our homes.

We all try I think, as much as possible, to do the right thing  such as eating organically and not deliberately endangering our health. However, the “nasties” I am concerned with, come leeching out of our walls without our being totally unaware.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified paints to be a major contributor to VOC’s in our houses. The scary thing is, that on top of normal decorating, just think what happens when New or Expectant parents want to create a lovely and safe space for their little one? They all rush around to kit out the nursery and that 9 times out of 10 that means painting.

When this awful thought occurred to my best friend Mel, who is also a designer, and one hell of a great Mother, we simply had to do something about it. So we are in the process of setting up Colourfied, an online company to promote and supply practical, washable non toxic paint in fantastic colours to Australia. It would be great if you can choose to join us on the journey, because after all, nurturing begins at home.