Horsing Around

Many readily available paints can be dangerous to animals because they contain toxic chemicals which include heavy metals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). These paints emit toxic gases, which can ‘off gas’ from the paint for many years to follow. The smell maybe gone after a few days but do not be fooled, the air pollution does not stop.

Many pets these days are indoor pets, so this is becoming a major problem in animal welfare. Unfortunately not only are they inhaling the gases in their environment, they are often ingesting the harmful toxins by chewing, licking, and eating the surfaces that are painted. If you love your fur children, please decorate with their safety and happiness in mind.

Here is an interesting fact on Melbourne Cup Day.
Horses are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of allergic respiratory disease. Poor or polluted air quality can cause, or exacerbate, respiratory disorders ranging from a condition known as ‘Heavies” or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) through to an inflammatory condition known as “Small Airway Disease.” Both conditions are allergic reactions believed to be triggered by irritants in the horse’s environment. To provide a horse with an air safe and stall safe environment it is essential to use the correct paint products.

Colourfied’s paint products are all Baby safe, furry safe, feathery safe and horse safe.


Power of persuasion.

The other day I was watching television, while ironing, as one does, and I was witness to a new advert by a large paint company. The advert consisted of a well known interior stylist personality, wearing a rather strange cocktail dress, telling everyone, unfortunate enough to be watching, to buy this particular paint brand.

It really made me think, is this the level society has dropped to ? Do we now believe so strongly in the cult of personality that just hearing the “right person” instruct us how to choose, will have us running lemming like to our nearest paint store?  What I wondered, would happen if, said expert, was offered twice as much to do the same job for Brand Y instead of Brand X? Or would their views and choice change, if given the sack as Brand X’s ambassador ?

Past use of personality Brand promotion has not always gone so well. Remember the Malboro Man, sitting on his horse, smoking those must have cigarettes. Unfortunately for the brand, he died of lung cancer. Or British Paint having Rolf Harris telling you “sure can”,  probably enough said!

At Colourfied we would rather be endorsed by real people who have actually used our products. Good reviews spread organically are not only great, but fill us with pride. Maybe it will take longer to get the message out there but at least it is honest.

Spring is springing

How lovely, its spring in Melbourne. However that means more of us are racing to find the anti-histamines and inhalers than racing to the Spring Carnival. Blossoms, flowers, grass and shedding animal fur, can for some of us, seem a high cost for nature’s renewal. Ask yourself, what  colour of spring outfit to choose, to match red eyes and a dripping nose?

It got me thinking about hyper sensitive individuals. They suffer feeling like this, not just for a short time come spring, but all the time. This is way beyond a case of irritation, it can be at times, a life threatening condition. The modern world is over flowing with chemicals, scents, solvents and other air borne horrors. This means some people have no choice but to live a very restricted life. They just cannot cope, with the toxic overload. We probably know about the “Boy in a Bubble” but not all the others who suffer like this.

It is worth remembering that Melbourne is the asthma capital of the world.The air we breath outside and even more importantly indoors, is all we have to sustain us and our health. Anything we can do to keep it clean and toxin free, is a vital contribution for all living creatures. At https://www.colourfied.com our safe paint, is a small way we try to help.


Rosie’s room.

The time comes in every little one’s life, when the baby room, just does not cut it anymore. Rosie, now three years old, wanted a proper girls room and of course it had to be pink. The problem was, Mum and Dad could not stand the idea of a paint fumed house. Not to mention the agony of Rosie being out of her space and routine, perhaps for days. The answer came when they selected to use Cherish Fairy Floss by Colourfied. Due to the fact that it is 100 % solvent free, non toxic and low odour, all the issues just melted away.

In fact, Rosie played happily in her room as John painted and Belinda could be busy getting on with other things. With her room finished that afternoon, Rosie slept in her big girls bed, in her new pink room, that very night. As we all know a happy child means happy parents. Not so much Fairy Floss but real the magic of choosing the right product.

Polly Gone

A short while ago in my local newspaper, there was an exceedingly sad story. An elderly lady had been cleaning her kitchen with a product that was loaded with solvents. On hearing a strange noise she turned round and found her greatly loved parrot called Polly, had literally dropped of the perch. With a broken heart she wrote to the newspaper to try to warn others about this danger.

Most people are aware of solvent abuse and its very deadly outcomes in our most marginalised communities, they just do not expect it in their own homes. However, they unknowingly bring solvents into their homes every time they decorate with paints and tints that contain them. Even many of the “low” V.O.C. paints on offer, become full of solvents after they have been tinted. Please do not be fooled by fancy tin labels, it is what the real contents are, after the colour is added, that counts.

If you have ever had the experience of one of your loved ones struggling to breathe after being exposed to normal paint,you will agree its not something you want others to suffer or witness. That is why Colourfied only sells 100 % solvent free paint and tints.

Dolly Mixtures

When I was only little and had saved up some pocket money, one of the exciting things to do was to go to the Grocers Shop to buy some lollies, as a special treat. It really shows my age when I tell you that the “sweeties” as we called then in Scotland, were weighed out into a paper bag. I often selected the Dolly Mixtures, as they were very light weight, so you got a lot for your money. By now you will have guessed I am Scottish.

After taking the lollies home,the mixture was poured into a glass bowl and looked fabulous. There were lots of different colours, shapes and flavours, some were all one thing and others were made up of multiple layers. Some even stuck together with other pieces of their own kind or got blended with another type.

Now, I am yet to meet anybody who liked all the different flavours or colours, but the great thing was, that someone always liked and chose the ones others did not much care for. So, by the end of the bowl, none was ever left uneaten.

It made me think about families and how they are a bit like Dolly Mixtures. Not every one is the same nor to everyone’s taste. However, it is only because they all exist and can exist together, that makes the mixture work.